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·         Connecticut Grassroots Alliance is an affiliation of 28 grassroots organizations from across Connecticut with members from all political parties.


·         The Connecticut Grassroots Alliance is asking the Government Administration and Elections Committee to raise three proposals to reassert the State’s powers and duties under the Tenth Amendment.


·         Of the three proposals,


             Version A is a resolution that urges Congress to exercise only those powers delegated to the

             United States by the Constitution;


             Version B is a bill that declares that the State of Connecticut retains sovereignty over all

             powers and duties not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution sets up a

             method for the legislature to review federal laws to determine their legality, and directs the

             legislature to tell Congress of the legislature’s findings.


             Version C is a bill that is identical to version B but omits any directive to Congress.


·         This issue is not about political parties – it crosses all party lines.


·         This issue is about restoring Constitutional governance and protecting the State whenever the

      federal government oversteps its bounds, no matter which political party is in power in Washington.


·         Versions B and C would set up a method to review the legality of federal laws adopted by  

     Congress no matter which party is in power in Washington.


·         The proposals have the support of many state legislators in both political parties.


·         The ranking members of the Government Administration and Elections Committee, State Senator

       Michael McLachlan and State Representative John Hetherington, have formally requested the

       Co-Chairs of that Committee, State Senator Gayle Slossberg and State Representative James

       Spallone to raise the proposals for a public hearing before that committee.


·         The Committee deadline for raising bills for a public hearing is Friday, February 19, 2010.


·         The people of the State of Connecticut will no longer tolerate the adoption of any

      unconstitutional laws.  The State retains these powers and duties, and should have a method to use them.


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