NHELD’s Purpose – To retain, and regain where necessary, freedom from interference by local,

                                     state, and federal government in the education of children by their parents.


NHELD’S Mission – To provide training, instructional materials, and information to parents as 

                                     to how to retain their individual rights to educate children in freedom

                                     without the interference of local, state and federal government. To enable

                                     parents to legally defend themselves from unwanted interference by the  

                                     state and federal government. To develop and maintain an organizational

                                     network that will enable future generations to maintain their individual

                                     right to instruct children in freedom without interference from local, state,

                                     and federal government, to be able to advocate legally for the rights of

                                     parents to instruct their children.


     NHELD’s main goal is to empower parents to be able to remain as free as possible to instruct their own children. Parents cannot remain free to do so if federal law threatens to negate the state law under which parents instruct in freedom.  In order to be able to effectively repeal existing federal law, or prevent additional bills from becoming federal law, parents across the country need to work together on this common goal.  NHELD was established as a national organization to provide a central structure to assist parents to work together.


     NHELD struggled with deciding on a business structure for the organization for a long time.  NHELD believes in doing things the right way, the legal way. NHELD believes in not being hypocritical.  NHELD does not believe in taking advantage of homeschoolers, or frightening homeschoolers, just to make a profit.


     NHELD is not a non-profit entity, however, because there are too many federal laws and interpretations of laws that ostensibly prevent non-profit entities from engaging in any political activities.  While many non-profit entities do so anyway, NHELD is not going to say that it will not do so, and then do so anyway.


     NHELD also believes that when homeschooling parents receive a benefit from the federal government, it opens the door legally for the federal government to regulate homeschooling. NHELD recommends to parents that they reject any federal benefit for that reason.  NHELD will not be hypocritical and accept the federal benefit of tax breaks by being a non-profit all the while telling parents not to accept similar benefits.


     What is left under existing law for someone trying to establish an organization is to form it as a business organization, one that does pay taxes on any profits. That is why NHELD is an LLC.  An LLC provides the business structure necessary in the least restrictive manner to enable NHELD to function in accordance with the law.


      NHELD also has cut the fee for subscription to NHELD in half, in part to show that we do not intend to take advantage of homeschoolers.  We only want to help homeschoolers, if they seek that help, and we want all of our children and our children’s children, to remain free for generations to come.


While NHELD’s main goal is not to make money from homeschoolers, NHELD also has other important objectives to accomplish that goal.  One of them is to repeal any existing federal legislation that would conflict with existing favorable state laws that enable parents to instruct in freedom.