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"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."



The Connecticut Grassroots Alliance in an alliance of 28 grassroots organizations throughout the state of Connecticut.


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Connecticut Grassroots Alliance


The Time Is Now to Contact CT Legislators to Gain Support for Three Proposals to Reassert the Tenth Amendment to Be Able to Declare Federal Laws Unconstitutional.


This is about the Constitution and the ability of the State to be able to say “no” to the federal government when the federal government oversteps its authority and adopts any law that it has no Constitutional authority to adopt.  It is about the ability of the State to protect itself from unlawful intrusion into its State sovereignty.


Tenth Amendment Notice To Citizens – 02/10/10

The Three Proposals

Information About The Tenth Amendment Legislation – 02/17/10

Update from 02/1910

Update from 03/05/10

Update from 03/17/10







Tenth Amendment Legislation Update – 3/27/10


The GAE Committee ignored the people’s wishes and failed to add our 10th Amendment resolution to their agenda to vote on, so it has “died in committee.” There will be no vote on the floor of the House or Senate, even though the likelihood of it passing there was slim to none. They have effectively silenced our voices on the subject. Or so they think.


Senator Michael McLachlan moved to open the agenda to add the Resolution to it so that the Committee would have to vote on it.  He made a valiant effort to discuss the issue, to question the Committee Chairmen as to why they would oppose the measure or a vote on it, and filibustered on the issue for about an hour and a half before concluding that to continue would do more harm than good.  The vote not to allow the agenda to be opened to place the Tenth Amendment Resolution on it for a vote was 5 Democrats against opening the agenda, 4 Republicans in favor of opening it.  While this measure effectively was killed in committee, the issue of the viability of the Tenth Amendment to protect the State and the people from unconstitutional federal laws is still alive and well.


A strategy meeting will take place this weekend to decide what steps to take next to force the legislature to listen to the people or look like obstructionists. You will receive updates as to what is being planned next. And thanks again to all who made their voices heard in support of the 10th Amendment.





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