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Deborah Stevenson

Deborah Stevenson, mother of two children, Samantha and Cassandra, realized that homeschooling is what all parents do from the time children are born, and that it was a natural thing to continue to do so.  So she did.

Deborah became involved in legal work as a result of homeschooling her children.  She became involved in protecting her right to homeschool as a parent before she began attending law school.  She homeschooled, as well as drove her children to college, where they took courses during the day, and went to law school at night.  She currently practices Education law and Appellate law privately in addition to working as Executive Director of NHELD, LLC.
Ms. Stevenson formed Connecticut Citizens to Uphold the Right to Educate (C.U.R.E.) in 1989 in order to assist all parents in the state to retain their right to instruct their children at home without government interference.  Because she believed in the tenth amendment's provision that all powers not specifically granted to the federal government belong to the states and to the people, C.U.R.E. remained a state organization protecting the rights of citizens in the state.  It was not until 2003, when Deborah realized that there was a continuing effort by another organization to actively promote the adoption of federal regulation of homeschooling, that she decided to form National Home Education Legal Defense.  A national organization was necessary in order to inform and assist parents in all states in halting federal regulation and retaining authority in the states to instruct their children in freedom.
Deborah has no background in public education.  She does have an extensive background in home education, having taught both her children since birth at home.
Ms. Stevenson also has an extensive background as a public speaker.  She spent ten years as a reporter interviewing all sorts of interesting people from parents to Presidents.  She also hosted many radio programs on a variety of topics throughout her ten year career.  As a parent and an advocate, Deborah has been the guest on many radio and television programs throughout Connecticut and the country.  She has also conducted many workshops on homeschooling and the law.
You can find articles that Ms. Stevenson has published in Home Education Magazine, Family Times, and on NHELD, LLC's website, www.NHELD, LLC.com, to name a few.



Judy Aron

Judy Aron is a long time Homeschooling Activist. She has been heavily involved in protecting the rights of parents: particularly homeschoolers. She graduated from Rondout Valley High School and went on to attend SUNY New Paltz, where she earned a BA in Economics in 1978 graduating magna cum laude with a dual minor in Business Administration and Computer Science. After graduation she married, and worked for the Travelers Insurance Company as a systems manager in data processing, and after having her second child hung up the corporate suit and stayed home to be a parent full time.

Judy is currently Research Director for National Home Education Legal Defense. She held the position of Vice President of CT Homeschool Network. She is also involved in civic organizations in her home town as well as working to earn her Distinguished Toastmaster designation with Toastmasters International.

Judy is wife to Michael Aron, and mom to 3 wonderful kids who were homeschooled and have now gone on to pursue additional studies while living their lives. David is a graduate of Boston University, Jeff is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology, and Rachel is pursuing her college studies at the University of New Haven. Her hobbies include soap making, gardening, cooking, quilting, reading, stained glasswork and some scrap booking. She also loves politics – but sometimes she hates it, too. Judy was a candidate for the CT State legislature in 2006 and is currently still involved in politics and in the Liberty movement. Judy has written numerous articles about homeschooling teens and preparing for college as part of "College Corner" in the CT Homeschool Network monthly newsletter, and she has also written extensively for NHELD. Some of her articles have appeared in Home Education Magazine, Journal of College Admissions, RadioFree West Hartford, online blogs and websites, as well as various newspapers. She has been a guest on several radio and cable TV shows speaking about homeschooling, parental rights, mental health testing and a host of other issues. Judy has her own Cable TV program on West Hartford Cable TV, entitled “What You Should Know” and also authors the weblog, “Consent Of The Governed”.



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