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CT parents have been working in conjunction with various legislators to affirm parental rights.There are notices and articles listed here in chronological order which document this issue as well as other issues which have been facing CT parents.


Updates on 2013 legislation:





†††††††††† Public Hearing on proposed legislation to reform DCF

02/10/2009 - Length: 4 hr 58 min Ė Includes Deborah Stevenson testimony. Public Hearing Agenda is here.

Deborah Stevenson testimony (as well as others) Ė 02/10/2009

NHELD Notice to Parents about these DCF reform bills02/09/2009.



01/27/09: Notice To Parents about the introduction of HB5761 and

†††††††††††††† †††††††††††Withdrawal Bill Status on State General Assembly website


††††††††† ††CT-N videos from Department of Children and Families Hearings

12/18/2008 - Includes the testimony of parents whose children have been removed from their care by the Department of Children and Families, family members cut off from children who have been adopted or placed into foster care & child advocates on ways to improve DCF

11/13/2008 - DCF Commissioner Susan Hamilton, responding to questions from two legislative committees, voices support for giving the agency's 14 field offices more local autonomy

10/20/2008 - Examination of whether DCF needs to be restructured or dismantled into smaller agencies. Testimony by DCF Commissioner Susan Hamilton, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Child Advocate Jeanne Milstein and OPM Secretary Robert Genuario.




Department of Children and Family:In 2009, NHELD responded to legislators to help draft legislation that would help protect ALL parents when parents are reported to DCF or when investigations are initiated. The result has been the proposal of many pieces of legislation(see above: NHELD Notice to Parents about these DCF reform bills02/09/2009) for the 2009 legislative session.


Additionally, following our request in the past few years, for DCF and Commissioner Susan Hamilton to amend the DCF policy manual to accurately reflect existing law concerning homeschooling in order to eliminate any confusion and to prevent future episodes of school officials falsely reporting parents who homeschool as educationally neglectful or their children as truant, Commissioner Hamilton finally provided her proposals for a redrafted policy manual.


NHELD first proposed changes to the DCF policy manual in March of 2006, and presented Commissioner Hamilton with a copy of those changes again on June 11, 2007, at a meeting in the Governorís office. Commissioner Hamilton adopted some of our recommended changes, but we remained concerned that she made other changes and/or did not adopt other of our recommendations. Commissioner Hamilton also alluded to the fact that she was considering proposing legislation regarding other issues still under consideration. She did not elaborate as to what that legislation would be. NHELD submitted another letter with recommendations to further clarify the policies and they responded in kind.

You can read the documents here:

Our March 2006 recommendations to the Commissioner as proposed again on June 11 at the meeting in the Governorís office!

Commissioner Hamiltonís response on 08/27/07 and her proposed DCF policy changes.

Our response on 08/28/07 to Commissioner Hamilton.

DCF responded with a few more changes but still failed to address a few significant problems on 9/13/07. This draft of their policies is indicated as being "their final version".

NHELD's 09/24/07 response regarding the outstanding significant issues which still should be addressed.






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