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Each state may adopt its own statutes that may apply to a parentís right to educate a child at home.  On the other hand, each state  may choose not to adopt statutes and may, instead, leave a parent free to educate a child at home in any manner that the parent sees fit.  Whether or not a state has chosen to adopt statutes, that state also may adopt suggested procedures, policy, or guidelines that apply to a parentís right to educate a child at home. 

Statutes, along with their implementing administrative regulations, are mandatory directives and are enforceable by law and may subject a parent to penalties if not followed.Other procedures, policy, or guidelines generally are not mandatory directives and, therefore, may not be enforceable by law such that parents may choose to follow them or not.

As you can see, it is important for all parents to understand the statutes, procedures, policies, and/or guidelines in their home state and to be able to distinguish between enforceable law and unenforceable suggestions. It is equally important to become familiar with the statutes that delineate the authority of the local public school system or board of education.  If you know what the school system is authorized to do, you will also know what it is not authorized to do when, or if, the school system attempts to interfere with your right to educate at home.

NHELD, LLC believes that with knowledge comes power. NHELD, LLC also believes that all parents should be armed with sufficient knowledge to empower them to protect their right to educate in accordance with the individual needs of their children free from unnecessary government regulation. Toward this end, NHELD, LLC will be working with attorneys and homeschool organizations in each state to develop an accurate listing of all state laws, procedures, policies, and guidelines. In this manner, we hope to protect this fundamental freedom.


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NHELD, LLC is continuing in its efforts to disseminate accurate information about homeschooling law in each state.  As we continue to grow, we will provide you with further information.  For now, we recommend that any readers who wish obtain information about Massachusetts go to the following sites:


Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts

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In Virginia, virtually every parent or guardian may homeschool, and homeschooling may begin at any time.

Under the Home Instruction statute, Section 22.1-254.1 of the Code of Virginia, homeschoolers must:

A) annually notify the local school division superintendent of their intent to homeschool;
B) provide a description of the curriculum to be followed or program of study and evidence that the parent:
    i) has a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution; or
    ii) is a teacher of qualifications prescribed by the Board of Education; or
    iii) has enrolled the child or children in a correspondence school approved by the Superintendent of Public Instruction; or
    iv) provides a program of study or curriculum that, in the judgment of the division superintendent, includes the state's Standards of Learning (SOL) objectives for language arts and mathematics, and provides evidence that the parent is able to provide an adequate education for the child.
C) following the school year in which home instruction occurred, provide evidence of progress (independent assessment, standardized test scores or a portfolio review) to the superintendent by August 1st.

Other options under which parents may homeschool include the certified tutor provision and religious exemption to attendance at school.

Go here for more complete, up-to-date information on
 Virginia's homeschool related laws.

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In the future, NHELD, LLC hopes to provide a complete listing for all states. Please have patience with us while we develop a more complete listing.  If you would like to assist us in compiling this listing, please contact us.



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